Booksy, a SaaS solution for scheduling and managing appointments for small and medium businesses, has just closed Series A funding round at $4.2M and deemed it a huge success. OpenOcean led the round, with participation from Kai Hansen and other European angel investors.

Stefan Batory and Konrad Howard are the people who made Booksy happen. The two co-founders know what they’re doing. Booksy is not their first successful attempt at business; prior to Booksy they also set up iTaxi, Polish Uber, a mobile app that allows you for fast and secure taxi bookings.

Booksy is an appointment management system for businesses that can bring your business into the 21st century. It enables customers to self-book online and via the mobile app, whenever and wherever they want. For customers, it means easier access to the services they love and for the business providers – more productivity. Why? You’ll no longer need to worry about the phone constantly ringing; you’ll be able to finally concentrate on your work without any unnecessary distractions. What’s more, easy access to the app offers fewer no-shows thus helping you raise your productivity further.

You can manage everything on Booksy: your staff, their hours or specific services. You can update it at any time so that’s not a problem if one of your workers is on vacation. On top of all that, Booksy also marketing automation, inventory management, and reports.

“There is a clear need for Booksy’s mobile-first approach. This, alongside the business model and the on-boarding process, makes Booksy stand out. We care about making our client’s businesses run better, and as a result, they don’t just find Booksy convenient, they love the product, and eagerly tell their customers about it. We don’t need to spend a penny on user-acquisition, unlike our competitors,” says Stefan Batory, Booksy CEO.

The funding Booksy has just raised will be used for further development of the service. They’re planning to add new functionalities such as in-app payments, better dashboards and a system that will allow larger companies manage their staff, as right now the app is directed just at smaller entrepreneurs.

“Booksy gets to the heart of some of the core challenges for small business with few staff. Bringing this level of automation allows these businesses to work with freelancers on a more flexible basis that ever before: something that underpins the very nature of the “future of work”. Here at OpenOcean we love finding a way to address the needs of the “unsoftwared market” – a market previously unable to access such software products in the past,” says Patrik Backman, a Managing Partner at OpenOcean.

Customers can download the app for free, available for Android and iOS. If you’re a business who’d like to check it out, there’s a 14-day trial version available here.