If you want to make professional surveys, you should definitely check out Survio. it’s a cool tool that allows you to prepare questionnaires, share them and get complex stats after your survey is over, making the customer experience quick and seamless. Gathering data has never been easier!

Survio has been founded by Ondřej Coufalík, the CEO, and Martin Pavlíček, former CTO, in 2012. Both founders studied informatics and economy. They started their first company offering custom development of websites and e-commerce solutions for customers in the Czech Republic and the USA.

It all started when Martin Pavlíček landed in hospital and noticed there were paper forms everywhere. He couldn’t help but think a lot of work must’ve gone into designing and printing them; besides they were a huge waste of paper. He believed that converting old-fashioned feedback process to an online service could change things. He saw the advantages of online surveys: inexperienced staff can get responses from patients (or customers) quickly and analysis of results is done automatically. And saving paper is just a nice side effect.

Martin and Ondřej’s first two version of the survey website were a flop. However, the failures served as a viable lesson. Recognising the worth of their idea, they didn’t give up on the idea. Finally, all changed when they teamed up with Vít Vrba from Webnode, who became an advisor and angel investor. The current version of Survio has been launched in 2012. Since then Survio doubles every year in all metrics.

“We have raised $200,000 from Vít Vrba to finalise the basic product, to test the business model and to start the marketing. Since then, we are bootstrapping our own growth with our own revenue. But it doesn’t mean that we are not opened to external Venture Capital, we do have really big plans!” says Ondřej Coufalík.

Survio is a quick and easy-to-use survey tool for any type of research. Everyone can create a custom questionnaire. You can choose from more than 100 questionnaire templates in 15 languages (it is 1500+ templates!). Everything can be completed in a matter of seconds. you can share your questionnaires via email or on social media with just one click. Survio offers its own distribution tool and offers purchase respondents from worldwide consumer panel.

What you get from Survio, besides the surveys, are the analytics available for everyone. Even if you’re a total newbie and you know nothing about stats, Survio does entire complex analysis automatically and provides you with understandable reports in various file formats, with appropriate charts and tables.

“Our customer care team has a strong influence on user satisfaction and we are proud that happiness rate of our users is 94 %! And our customers NPS score is above +40%. I am convinced that Survio is popular because we really help everyone to transform their doubts and problems into opportunities and solutions. We are actually building a brand new Survio. The new version adds a lot of new features that our customers have asked for. Totally different UI is even more user-friendly and creating of a questionnaire is a piece of cake for everyone. I am convinced that Survio 2.0 will be the best survey platform in the world,” says Ondřej.

Survio already has more than one million users who created over 1.5 million surveys. It has a solid traction in more than 30 markets and a 3-digits grow in YoY comparison for 5 years in a row. So if you’re not among the million users, check them out. You’ll never leave Survio again.