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When you’re running a company, you want everyone to work as efficiently as possible. However, often developers end up spending over 10% of their time fixing all the bugs and recurring software crashes. Samebug can easily find solutions to open source software problems for devs so that they don’t have to waste their time on debugging the software they’re working on.

The team behind this project are Renáta Tamasi, CEO and co-founder, Arpad Tamasi CTO and co-founder, and Dániel Poroszkai, who’s working as a Developer. Renáta has an MBA in Finance and, before starting Samebug, she was a Financial Lines Insurance Underwriter at AIG. She leads overall company vision, operations including legal, finance, business development and HR. Arpad Tamasi has an MSc in Computer Science and has over 25 years’ experience in full stack Software Development. He’s responsible for overall product vision, technology and product strategy and his research areas are Semantic web and Software Quality.

About four years ago Árpád needed a solution for his own custom software development company to get notified whenever a new bug appeared. However, he was still doing his degree and by the time he finished, there‘d already been a few similar successful crash management solutions available on the market. He founded a startup and then started looking for a gap in the market and began analysing his database that included 1.5 million crashes caused by 4,000 different bugs in 23 applications.

He realised an interesting fact: 80% of the crashes comes from shared components. He also found exceptions from different applications that ended in identical patterns in their stack traces. These patterns came from the shared libraries, which meant that developers using the same components could face the same problems. After analysing API documentations related to these patterns and Stack Overflow discussions, they realised they could identify problems with stack trace patterns. This allowed them to connect developers facing the same problems, record the communication and build a knowledge base.

Renáta, CEO of Samebug explains: “Developers are more and more empowered to innovate by community-led technologies, open innovation platforms and the flexibility of software components. This evolving software landscape needs tools that enhance efficiency and cooperation between developer and support teams, who are often located on different continents.”

And that’s what they did! Samebug is a solution that helps increase devs productivity. To put what Samebug does in easy terms, it helps devs find solutions to software problems. It’s possible since right now most companies tend to use open source software, no matter whether they’re small startups, Fortune 500 companies or governments. As a result, many encounter similar problems along the way. Instead of debugging everything by themselves, devs can make it faster with Samebug.

You simply take a stack trace from a crash, plug it into Samebug (either via a browser or plugin to IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio). Samebug has a database of over a million solutions and is still growing, so there’s a great chance your problem’s already been solved. It will present you with a solution then, and if not, it’ll connect you with experts who can help.

“Samebug will change how developers code and debug, providing solutions to software problems (crashes) automatically whenever it’s needed, in a form it’s needed. Samebug will be on every developer’s’ computer and nobody, not even the user will ever be stuck by a crash. Samebug will be the “Facebook” of software problems, where the common denominator is the crash itself,” says Renáta. “We will make a difference because with Samebug developers will share solutions for problems instantly and will be released to create new software and try out new technologies because they will have an assurance that someone is there to help them. Mistakes will not be a sign of failure, but rather an opportunity to connect and learn.”

And Samebug really are successful at what it’s doing. The team has recently raised a substantial seed round through investments by OTP-Day One Seed Fund, Balázs Fejes and Infinity Special Situations and its affiliates.

Since April 2015, more than 8 million unique developers have used Samebug’s search to fix software problems. If you’d like to be one of them, check out Samebug now.