After almost a year of hard work, multiple startup competitions, and over 40,000 traveled kilometers, Jakub Luboński and Marcin Łotysz, two Polish entrepreneurs, have found an investor who shares their passion for the clean environment. InnoEnergy believes that Bin-E shows a great business and ecological potential, and is ready to invest in their further development.

Bin-E is a smart waste bin that automatically recognizes, segregates, and compresses trash. Once the waste compartments are full, it sends an automatic notification to the trash collecting company to come and pick it up. It also analyzes the consumption patterns by recognizing discarded packages and can provide the users with information regarding healthier eating habits. (You can read more about them here.)

“When we received an award in the KiCkoff Competition 2016 finals, we were sure that this success will lead to something bigger,” said Jakub Luboński, the CEO of Bin-E. “Firstly, because InnoEnergy has always focused on projects that contribute to sustainable future of the energy sector. Secondly, because we have common objectives – to provide the market with a product that has a real impact on life quality, but also brings financial benefits, in this case resulting from waste segregation and compression.”

InnoEnergy is known to invest in innovative energy solutions on each stage of development – from the initial idea to commercialization. Bin-E will be supported by the Polish branch of the company that is located in Kraków.

„Bin-E being featured as one of the ten finalists in the KICkoff Competition and receiving the Audience Award was a signal for us to take a closer look at this project,” said Łukasz Świercz, Business Creation Officer at InnoEnergy. “We invited the authors of the smart waste bin to participate in the InnoEnergy Highway program, where they can receive a funding of up to 150k euro and our support on all stages until the commercialization of the product.”

The Bin-E project has gone a long way. Since the creation of the initial idea, the founders have redesigned their product, business model, and implementation plans multiple times. On their journey, they had the opportunity to cooperate with best European accelerators, as well as with world-class experts: Jonathan MacDonald, Paul Papadimitriou, and Gerard van der Hoeven. Their hard work has paid off – Bin-E has been noticed by multiple international organizations such as ACE Creative, Live Science Open Space, or Their solution has already found prospective clients in Poland, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

“We have found amazing partners and a great investor who has serious plans regarding the development of our product and introducing it to foreign markets. Nevertheless, we realize that we wouldn’t have achieved so much if not for the support of all people who had believed in Bin-E since the very beginning. These people and their trust are the fuel that we need,” sums up Jakub Luboński.