Nicolai Schättgen from Match-Maker Ventures, a young company that helps startups create an immediate impact in the corporate world, has organized a startup roast during the M2M/IoT Forum CE in Vienna. Five amazing startups had a chance to pitch in front of a jury consisting of specialists from Vienna Business Agency, T-Mobile Austria, and ProSiebenSat.1. Tapkey, a startup that turns your smartphone into a door key, has won the opportunity to pitch on the big stage during the event.

The first startup in the pitch contest was 3D Elements – a company producing 3D photo cabins for scanning people. Their product can be applied in a wide range of industries: starting with textiles (you will never buy ill-fitting trousers again!), through gaming (personalized avatars), to healthcare (precise prostheses production).

They were followed by Lewi Care, a startup that created a smart baby sock to monitor your child’s wellbeing. It can measure the pulse and oxygen levels, and alarm the parent if they drop too low. The company has already prepared a working prototype and plans to launch the product in 2018, provided they can find a technological partner to carry on with its development.

SanSirro pitched as the third, presenting a product for sports industries: shirts made out of intelligent fabrics that track your performance. The best part? They are perfectly washable. The company already cooperates with multiple sports clubs, mostly in Munich, and has raised an impressive 125k euro in just two hours during their crowdfunding campaign.

Senseforce moved the focus of the discussion to Industry 4.0, suggesting a solution that allows machine producers create recurring revenues. Their real-time monitoring solution is delivered together with the machines and allows for predictive maintenance.

The last startup was claimed the winner of the IoT Startup Roast shortly after the pitch. Tapkey presented an alternative to physical keys to shared spaces, such as shared offices, delivery boxes, or short-term rentable flats. Their software turns smartphones into smart keys that can be programmed to open doors equipped with a special lock.