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PayU, one of the biggest mobile payment providers in Poland, partners up with Google to help it implement Android Pay. From now on all the sellers who use PayU, will be able to integrate Android Pay as a payment option in their mobile apps easily.

Mobile payments are becoming the thing. For many of us nowadays cash is something of a past, most tend to prefer using credit cards over having to deal with a wallet full of money. It’s much the same with using all forms of mobile payments: we tend to use the most comfortable and trustworthy solutions available. No one wants to waste their time to put in the credit card details over and over again, every time they have to pay for something. Double checking your credit card number or re-entering it because you’ve made a mistake is something everyone wants to avoid. That’s why services such as PayU or Android Pay are gaining popularity amongst everyone; one-tap payments save up time and time is a commodity.

„Polish market is a perfect place to implement innovative finance solutions. In Poland, new payment products and services are adapted by the consumers very quickly. As PayU we want to create a customer-friendly environment, where the most recent and the most comfortable forms of payments will be available to them anywhere and at any time,” says Mario Shiliashki, CEO PayU EMEA.

Poles definitely see the appeal of mobile payments such as these. They use their mobiles all the time. In the Eastern Europe, the mobile market is growing the fastest. What’s more, Poles are getting more into mobile payments, there’s been steady over 30% rise of such payments yearly. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise Poland is the second country in the EMEA region and the 6th in the world to have Android Pay implemented by Google, which also makes PayU one of their first e-commerce partners. The partnership may result in a faster growth of m-commerce and new perks for online shoppers who are using mobile payments.

“We’d like in-app payments to be easy for everyone, which is why we’ve chosen PayU for our partner in implementing Android Pay on Polish e-commerce market. Online sellers will join over 400,000 outlets in Poland where customers can easily pay touching their Android mobile phone screen,” says Spencer Spinnell, Director of Business Development, Google.

Android Pay has been available in Poland from the 17th of November 2016 and it’s available for Alior Bank, BZ WBK and T-Mobile Banking clients as well as all Android users. With it, you can pay for Uber, Allegro or simply use it whenever you order something from Play Store.