Unamo, a complex e-marketing platform, has recently received 2.1 million PLN in funding from DaftCode Ventures and RTAventures. The platform has evolved from a merger of three companies: Positionly, Monitori and UsabilityTools which together make a seamless and complimenting product and provide all the necessary tools a marketer might possibly need.

‘Grzegorz Kazulak and the Unamo team convinced us to [invest in] their very interesting growth strategy, based on the synergy of three compatible products. We’re certain that the solutions offered by Unamo make every digital marketing team’s lives easier,” says Piotr Kulesza, co-founder RTAventures.

Unamo is a fairly new project and has appeared on the market at the beginning of 2017. The three main products are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Monitoring and Conversion Web Analytics. The SEO tool allows you to gain more traffic and improve your rankings when it comes to website positioning. Social Media Monitoring analyses your social media data in one place. You’ll always know what people say about your website online and you’ll be able to compare yourself with your competitors so that you’re always on your toes. Conversion Web Analytics shows you how users interact with your website and help you improve conversion rates. It will let you react if the sales drop and do everything to make your company develop as rapidly as possible and to react to any issues that might appear on the way to success.

“We’re glad we managed to get investors whose input will allow us to maintain our rapid development. Both companies trusted us as early as on the concept stage, which is why we managed to successfully merge three organisations and three products in just half a year. The funds we’re getting will help us perfect our services and build an even better expert team, both in the Polish office and abroad,” says Grzegorz Kazulak, CEO Unamo.

Some of the funds have been used to merge the three companies. The rest will serve to ensure a rapid development of the company, which means introduction of new products and hiring new people to make Unamo run smoothly.

“We’ve invested in Unamo because we can see a big potential in these products. The complex set of e-marketing tools is in our opinion a perfect solution for marketers. However, we invest not only in a product with potential but also in people. Unamo team are experts with knowledge and vast experience, which makes this project extremely likely to succeed,” says Jędrzej Szcześniak from DaftCode Ventures.

The two investors are DaftCode Ventures and RTAventures. DaftCode has also quite recently invested in Perfect Gym, and are interested in innovative products which combine the internet, tech, mobile solutions and AI. RTAventures is an international venture capital, which has over 25 investments in Europe and the US.

As Unamo is just taking its first steps, there’s plenty of new things to come so keep your eyes open. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to one of the modules for $19 / month.