Pregnancy can be the most beautiful and the most terrifying moment of a woman’s life. Bringing new life to the world can cause a woman a lot of fear, especially if there are reasons to think there might be complications. Patrycja Wizińska-Socha MD and Anna Skotny MD realise that very well, which is why they set up NESTMEDIC SA, a telemedical company, and created Pregnabit, which can set a worried pregnant woman’s heart at ease. Pregnabit is a telemedical CTG solution which enables you to monitor the foetus’s wellbeing even without going to the doctor’s.

Patrycja Wizińska-Socha MD is the CEO of NESTMEDIC, which is now worth millions PLN. Patrycja is a pharmaceutical biotechnologist and she studied at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology and she did her Ph.D. at Medical University of Wroclaw. She’s an expert at what she’s doing and she likes challenging and innovative projects. Anna Skotny MD is the COO of NESTMEDIC and she’s responsible for the Pregnabit project, she’s dealt with it from the concept stage up until preparing it to enter the market. She’s the one to make sure the product complies with the international regulations EN ISO 13485. She runs the research, both clinical and post-marketing, and does everything to ensure that Pregnabit makes women feel safe and secure.

“Pregnabit’s mission is helping the medical community make sure every pregnancy ends happily. You can’t substitute experts’ experience and knowledge. Pregnabit is a telemedical CTG device which was created to help the specialists in everyday practice; not to replace them. For two years, we worked with engineers, designers, midwives, doctors, and pregnant women to make create Pregnabit, which gives the doctors and midwives a device which merges a mobile medical solution, cloud technology and complex algorithms,” says Patrycja, CEO NESTMEDIC.

Not all pregnancies are the same and some patients need to be in touch with their doctors more often than others. The doctor decides who might need to use such solutions, basing their assessment on how the pregnancy is going and the medical history of the patient.

Pregnabit is an innovative medical telemedical CTG solution for foetal health monitoring in the last months of pregnancy. It offers the functions of classical CTG and mobile analysis of the data, all packed in a handy device. it’s a combination of traditional medical equipment, modern thinking and the Internet of things. Pregnabit is available for doctors and midwives exclusively and it allows them to run tests on pregnant patients whenever it’s necessary, without making special appointments. It can both sooth the nerves of the expecting mother and ensure the safety of the baby without even more stress on the mother’s part.

Pregnabit uses four sensors: an FHR probe determines the value of foetal heart rate, TOCO probe measures the contractions of the uterus, foetal movement marker and Wrist heart rate monitor measuring the mother’s pulse. Thanks to the innovative technology used it’s possible to distinguish the mother’s heart rate from the foetus’s.

The test takes half an hour and the data is sent to Medical Telemonitoring Centre for the analysis. The Centre is open 24/7 so the tests can be run at any time. The specialists there analyse the received data and with the help of special algorithms, they can quickly and accurately provide the results. As soon as that happens, they inform the patient whether everything is all right: The pregnant woman gets a text if everything is fine, if there’s something suspicious – medical personnel can quickly take the necessary steps to ensure the mother and child’s safety. All the data is gathered on the Medical Platform and in a Cloud so that it’s available to the patient and her doctor night or day, whenever they’re needed.