The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is getting new modern laboratories and is setting up Silesian Engineer Support of Medicine and Sports Centre (Polish: Śląskie Centrum Inżynierskiego Wspomagania Medycyny i Sportu). The creation of the Centre is one of the key projects in the development of the region and it will open in 2020. However, none of it would be possible without Philips Poland, who’s a strategic partner in the university’s investment. The Centre’s research will concentrate mostly on creating new technologies that could be implemented in medicine.

“Silesian Engineer Support of Medicine and Sports Centre will consist of a network of modern laboratories, which will be created at Biomedical Engineering department at the Silesian University of Technology with the help of Philips. Research concerning innovation in biomedical engineering will be conducted there,” says professor Marek Gzik, the dean of Biomedical Engineering at SUT.

The centre is a part of the Assist Med Sport Silesia project and is going to cost 90 million PLN. It’s going to be realised as a part of Regional Operation programme for 2014-2020. Philips has declared to cover 20% of the investment. It is going to help financially as well as assist with new modern technologies for the use of the Centre.

“The biggest chance for the development of medicine are innovations connected to the diagnostics equipment and technologies used for effective patient management. We’re proud we can be a partner in such an important institution and contribute to the development of Polish research. Their goal is to make patient care more effective thanks to using modern applications that monitor their condition and how the treatment is going,” says Reinier Schlatmann, Philips Central Eastern Europe.

It’s not the only success The Silesian University of Technology’s Department of Biomedical Engineering has scored. The department has also signed a letter of intent with Nyenrode Business University w Breukelen, Netherlands. It’s going to enable a long-term co-operation between the two universities, carrying out studies together and allowing for student and scholar exchange. Such partnership will result in tight bonds between the two universities, exchange of know-how and the chance of carrying out Bio-IT projects together. The universities will definitely benefit from the new relationship.

“We care about the development of this Polish and Dutch partnership. It allows transfer of know-how, that constitutes a definite advantage for Polish students and young scientists. Besides, The Silesian University of Technology’s employees have unique technological knowledge, especially when it comes to biomedical engineering,” says Schlatmann.

It all leads to providing better medical treatment. The partnership between the universities as well as setting up Silesian Engineer Support of Medicine and Sports Centre will enable a faster development of new technologies in biomedicine. With these, treatments will take a shorter time and patients’ comfort will improve.