“I need to find a native speaker who will teach English to my 6-year-old son. I don’t have time to plan holidays for my family. I don’t know which food delivery plan to choose. I need someone to manage my social media profiles for me.” First world problems? Maybe. But hey, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. And instead of hiring a personal assistant for a permanent job, you can always use Brella, a concierge and assistant service that will complete any tasks you throw at them.

“Sweet and simple, Brella helps you delegate tasks that you don’t have the time or energy for, or you just don’t feel like doing them,” said Łukasz Dedyński from Brella. “We can also help in performing tasks that are beyond our customers’ reach, for example ones that require communication in a foreign language.”

Brella assistants are able to complete almost every task, including the ones that seem impossible. They can help you manage your family time – for example, plan holidays or pick up kids from school. They can also organize your calendar and meetings schedule, compare offers of various services, manage your e-mail inbox, plan events such as birthdays or company gatherings, and even create a step-by-step preparation plan for a marathon. All of this help translates into real numbers; on average, Brella’s customers save 42 hours a month on tasks that are outsourced to assistants.

The pricing of Brella’s services is based on a subscription system that starts with 695 PLN (about 160 EUR) a month. It is also possible to choose a system, in which the monthly costs depend on the number of delegated tasks.

The founders of Brella, Piotr Wolniewicz, and Łukasz Chady, have previously worked in marketing, brand management, and e-commerce. They quickly noticed that the day was always too short to tackle all the tasks they wanted to accomplish. While outsourcing is essential for getting the important work done, Poles often fail to realize that – Poland ranks third last in Europe when it comes to effectiveness. The main incentive to launch a concierge company was a book by Tim Feriss, “The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich”, which described the advantages of “buying” time and delegating mundane everyday tasks.

Brella was the first company of this type on the Polish market. Unlike other similar services, they cooperate with multiple partners and experts, what allows them to delegate tasks to experienced specialists. “This unique approach makes as three times more efficient than any other company on the market,” said Dedyński.

Until today, Brella has completed over 700 tasks, both private and business ones. They are already cooperating with corporate clients. They also think about scaling up and entering foreign markets, particularly Denmark, Germany, and Russia.