Is your e-commerce business looking for a fraud prevention solution? Polish venture building company Daftcode, who’s proved to be successful with Rightflow and Skriware, has released a cool and trustworthy tool for you. Meet Nethone, an anti-fraud solution tailored to suit all your needs.

SaaS – FDP and Business Intelligence segments are worth globally over 31 billion dollars and their value is continually rising. It’s estimated that by 2021 the total sum will double. That’s why Nethone shouldn’t have any problems finding the right investors to make their venture even more successful.

“The idea to create our own antifraud system came up approximately two years ago. Companies belonging to Daftcode had some problems with fraud and had to deal with it somehow. As none of the existing available tools met our expectations, we decided to create our own solution to suit our needs. We tested the algorithms that are the foundation of Nethone as an internal solution but when we realised how innovative it is, we decided to offer it to the world,” says Hubert Rachwalski, COO Nethone.

The team behind Nethone has varied background to make the whole project as successful as possible. There are people with 20+ years of experience in payments and risk management as well as young ambitious scientists. Hubert Rachwalski, the COO, has got his business experience in leading consulting companies. As a part of Daftcode, Nethone team remembers the hardships young companies meet at the start and knows exactly how to help them grow.

Nethone offers antifraud and Business Intelligence solutions for e-commerce and their success lies in the use of AI and AI and advanced user profiling. It utilises rich data, including hardware and software details, as well as behavioural analytics. In effect, the solution delivers transaction legitimacy assessments and business insights in real-time. What started out as a simple anti-fraud solution quickly became something more. Being able to predict whether you deal with the actual cardholder or a fraud needs loads of data. The solution that provides the data about the users, the so-called ‘profiler’, analyses user’s interactions with a website or an app.

“We realised that working on such extensive data and using Nethone only for fraud prevention would be very limiting. AI gives enormous possibilities of analysis. We’ve decided to build not only anti-fraud models but also a tool that would serve to identify relevant business relations and to predict consumer behaviour to allow companies to expand their revenue base,” says Hubert.

And that’s exactly what makes Nethone special. It’s not focused on providing just one solution but it’s continually growing and using its current developments to provide a unique set of tools that will make every business’s life easier.

It was launched just last year and it’s got over a dozen clients on three continents, among them, one of the biggest travel agencies from Latin America. As the service is custom-made to meet your needs, the prices vary.