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Love writing longhand but hate wasting paper? Or perhaps you keep making corrections all the time and hate seeing eraser marks on the paper? InfiniteBook is a notebook meet a whiteboard that will fit into your bag or rucksack easily.

The founder, Pedro Lopes, couldn’t find the perfect solution for solving maths problems. Ink is permanent so you can’t make any corrections; pencil and rubber work slightly better but destroy the paper quickly. A whiteboard gives an altogether good experience but isn’t exactly portable. Pedro decided to join all the existing solutions together to create the perfect notebook.

“A crowdfunding campaign was started in Portugal which allowed the team to create several prototypes and come up with a final product which started to be commercialised. The initial team in Portugal was composed of two more people with more than a decade of experience in sales and have embraced the project on a full-time basis,” says Felipe Nascimento, who brought InfiniteBook to Poland in 2015/2016.

InfiniteBook is a whiteboard notebook. You can write, erase and repeat over and over again without losing the quality of the paper. The pages are nice and malleable. Although it’s just got fifteen pages, they’re enough to last you a lifetime. This way you can fix your mistakes quickly and they won’t be glaring back at you. The notebooks come in three different sizes, from A6 to A4 and different covers. If you want something special, you can also get a personalised InfiniteBook and create a one of a kind notebook with unique covers and inner pages of your choice. Everything is up to you.

Practically everyone must take notes, either at university or at work, so this product is useful to all of us. It can be used by designers, engineers, programmers or even kids.

It’s good to jot down crucial information during a business meeting or classes; instead of carrying loads of paper you’re going to throw away, you can use just one notebook for the rest of your life. When the notes become useless, you can simply wipe the page and start over. If you’re going to use them later you can scan the page or use a scanning to save your notes on your smartphone in a matter of seconds.

“InfiniteBook can be used for several subjects and be wiped out an infinite number of times for later reuse.  The presence of the product in some University shops in Wroclaw is crucial to its promotion among students,” says Filipe.

There’s nothing else like InfiniteBook available on the market. Some big names, including UBER Poland, Skanska, Droidcon or MotaEngil, have already realised how special it is and are using personalised editions.

If you want to stay green, get your own InfiniteBook now. They’re available online and in selected university shops in Wroclaw. The prices start at €6,50.