SumTheSun deals with solar power, PieClass offers programming classes for children and Baballoon is a service provider for expats. What do these completely different startups have in common? They were chosen as the top three startups at ReaktorX Demo Night at The Heart last week.

The first edition of ReaktorX, a pre-accelerator for first-time startuppers, has come to an end and it’s undoubtedly been a success. The main aim of the programme was to help startups assess their idea and check if their project would really work. The programme took ten weeks and nine startups that graduated it presented loads of bright ideas. Right now they’re ready to embark on the next step of their journey: funding.

“ReaktorX aims to help the founders find the answer to the question Do I really want to do this business? through talks with clients and prior verification of the market. I think it’s natural some startups decided to pivot or join other teams. The faster you realise what you should be doing, the more time you have to develop the right project. We’re trying to speed up that decision,” says Borys Musielak, the founder of the pre-accelerator programme.

But let’s talk about the top three.

Relocating can be difficult but Baballoon aims to make it more bearable. It provides everyday services for expats in Poland. It’s perfect for everyone who’s looking for services in their native language. Need a babysitter? A hairdresser? Or perhaps something broke down at your place and you want to fix it quickly and effectively. Baballoon can help you with that.

PieClass offers a platform with comprehensive Python programming courses for children. It’s customisable and can be adapted to the children’s level so that they don’t get bored if they’re doing well. It also establishes a perfect teacher-student-parent connection so that everyone can keep in touch and the child can learn as much as possible.

And last but not least: SumTheSun. The team is from Kosovo and they had to go a long way to join ReaktorX; the entire startup community has helped them to get their visas to be able to come to Poland in time. However, it’s a good thing they did because the programme was definitely worth their while.

SumTheSun is a go-to place for everything concerning renewable energy. You can find out all sorts of necessary information to make a conscious choice when buying solar panels. They’ll tell you the differences between available solutions and help you calculate the expenses. They definitely don’t regret coming to Poland. They got their first funding during ReaktorX. Right now they’re preparing a crowd-funding campaign on BeesFund which should launch sometime in April.

The rest of the startups, which graduated ReaktorX:

  • travelly – weekend trips to European capital cities
  • cloud Turf– real life work in Virtual Reality
  • EviBrave – marketplace for jobs in tourism and finance
  • GetLine – trust-based platform for lending and borrowing money
  • mojfizjo – massages and rehabilitation on call
  • Simplis – insurance offers comparison platform

Want to take part in the next edition of ReaktorX? Registration opens around August and September 2017.