iniJOB, a new Polish startup, aims to help employees take initiative and try to make their workplace a better place. The company has just started the crowdfunding campaign and it’s already got 13 600 PLN with 59 days to go. It’s been started by Bartosz Michałek, the former CEO of, and it’s been launched just Jan 2017.

How does iniJOB work exactly?

Employees can say what could be changed in the company they work in. They can propose changes they’d introduce or share new bright ideas. Perhaps you know the feeling: there’s a seemingly cool idea you’ve been toying with for a while now but you’d rather not voice it publicly? Perhaps there’s something that’s been bothering but the recognition is not something you’re aiming at? That’s where iniJOB comes in. You can voice your opinion anonymously, without having to worry about the consequences.

“What we guarantee the users is security and anonymity. We let them change their companies without the need of changing their job,” says Bartosz Michałek, iniJOB founder.

For the employer, it’s an opportunity to make the workplace more welcoming and make the overall atmosphere better. That might be just what you need to keep valuable employees who are considering getting a new job. The employees will be able to find the right output for their frustrations and instead of sounding off to their friends, make a difference by engaging in an honest dialogue with their boss.

“Every employee can become an iniJOB ambassador in their company and every company can be a new iniJOB client. We’ve decided on crowdfunding so that we have as many employees as our shareholders as possible. Every one of our shareholders will be able to support iniJOB by promoting the idea in their company. This can cause the growth in iniJOB’s value,” says Bartosz.

Right now, iniJOB is crowdfunding here to launch the English version of their website and to add new functionalities to the existing range. While the first few months served to validate the model, now it’s time for expansion. In order to do that, they’re selling 5,000 shares worth in total 400,000 PLN on Beesfund, the biggest Polish crowdfunding platform.

There’s a great potential in iniJOB. On the global scale, the service is one of a kind. There’s no one else who helps employees change their workplace for the better anonymously. At the same time, the market for apps helping in employee-employer contacts is huge.

The shares will be available for two months. There are special packages for employees and employers. If you’d like to get yours, do it before it’s too late.