If you have by any chance missed the first five reasons to go to Hannover Messe, let me quickly remind you: on the days 24th – 28th April, a special exhibition will showcase the most innovative technological solutions created in Poland. We are already putting the final touches on the SciTech Poland zone – an impressive display of Polish technologies – with the goal of disrupting and empowering industries.

Most of the technologies are still in the research phase; some of them will be presented publicly for the very first time at Hannover Messe. Let me just give you a taste of what to expect:

Plasmatron (plasma ignition)

Even though the name of this device sounds like a futuristic weapon, a plasmatron is a solution that simplifies the ignition of coal dust burners in power plants. A plasmatron is powered by electricity and, unlike the existing heavy oil ignitors, does not require any additional installations – the only media used in the process are compressed air and water that are already present in each existing power plant. In can be used in both conventional power plants and in biomass boilers or burners.

 Interlaced Energy CArgo ScaNnIng System (CANIS)

CANIS uses X-ray radiography to scan and inspect cargo containers. The device comprises of two components: an electron linear accelerator and a detector. When cargo passes between these two components, the accelerator emits attenuated X-ray radiation that is collected by the detector. CANIS immediately produces a radiographic image of the cargo that can be either further processed or archived.


SMOC, already available on the market, is a fluoroscopic device for non-destructive testing. Just like CANIS, its main function is to produce digital radiographic images and transfer them directly to the operator’s PC. SMOC operates well in the scope of high energies, up to 15 MeV. Integrated shielding allows for efficient work with all kinds of radiation sources, including X-ray tubes, Co-60, electron linacs and betatrons.

Ocean Wave Energy Converter (WAVE-ECO)

Scalable, Modular and Mobile Ocean Wave Energy Converter (WAVE-ECO) is deceptively simple in construction. It does not require a connection with the seabed, is resistant to storms and tides, and has an almost unlimited range. What’s the secret? WAVE-ECO is built out of many identical modules. Depending on the conditions, for example the wave height, the connections between floats are switched to keep the effectiveness as high as possible. Even in extreme conditions, the floats are arranged in a way that guarantees a constant generation of energy.

Detect and Avoid (DAA) technology

This solution was created as a response to one of the biggest technological trends: unmanned aircraft, or drones. Integration of these aircraft systems in the airspace is one of the biggest challenges faced by modern aviation. The DAA technology, created by AEROBITS startup in cooperation with the West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin, is a solution to this challenge. This system is based on miniaturized ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast) technology.

B-Droid – pollinating robot

The B-Droid is essentially a robotic bee. This autonomous device is able to recognize and locate flowers, collect their pollen and transport it to other flowers of the same species. The B-Droid can both fly and drive and navigates itself with the use of computer vision. You can read more about it here.

Mechanosynthesis of halide perovskites for photovoltaics

This technology allows for a cheap and efficient production of halide perovskite materials mechanically rather than in solutions at high temperature. These materials are the best candidates to replace silicon in photovoltaics: they are inexpensive in production and easy in application. Their main disadvantage lies in toxicity due to high lead content. Nevertheless, the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS has obtained lead-free equivalents of high durability and quality.


The Impact Foundation is the initiator and organizer of the #SciTechPoland exhibition at Hannover Messe. Browse through our portfolio to see the details on what the SciTech Poland Zone will have to offer – and get your free pass today!