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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia

20th of April 2017, start at 6 pm
Pauza in Garden
Rajska 12, Kraków


About the Event

In just a week there’s another InCommerce meeting. There are four meetings from this series planned altogether: in Krakow and in Bialystok. As always, the topic is e-commerce. The main aim of these events is the discussion of all sorts of issues connected to e-commerce. You can expect to hear about everything you need to run an online based business successfully. All in all, they’re going to tackle issues such as: choosing the correct platform or online promotion. As a bonus, they’re going to present case studies of various e-shops.

This time the topic is conversion rate. You’ll have a chance to discuss e-commerce with a bunch of people in the know and get loads of practical knowledge with no useless theoretical approach. You’ll be able to listen to three speakers. Łukasz Plutecki from AtomStore is going to discuss ways you can optimise conversion. Olgierd Sroczyński from Freshmail is going to talk about using segmentation to raise conversion rate in mailing and, finally, Artur Belka will discuss how the image of the company’s and the social media presence can influence conversion rate. And a cherry on top of the cake: a panel discussion at the end of the meeting.

After the official part, you can expect loads of time for networking at an after party. Perhaps you were hoping to meet others from the e-commerce sector? Now, here’s your chance. Want a free beer? The code word is “InCommerce”!

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