Hate throwing parties? Or perhaps afraid you won’t be able to entertain your guests sufficiently? A big fan of party games? “Przyznaj się” (English “Admit it”), a game from Polish game dev Simplicity Games, comes to the rescue. The game is a successful mashup of Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare and it’s doing incredibly well ever since it’s been launched. It has ranked number one on Google Play out of nearly three million apps and games available in the shop.

The rules of the game are fairly simple. You read a question not much unlike in Never Have I Ever. However, instead of simply having a drink, everyone who says ‘yes’ gets a dare. you’ll never again have to worry you’ll run out of questions as there’s a database of over four thousands of them available in the app. All that’s left for you is enjoy yourself.

There are two sets of questions available. It makes the game more universal: you can use a child-friendly for a boring family meeting and the adult version for a meet-up with friends. They’re granted to help you spend a good time and have a good laugh.

Simplicity Games is a Rzeszów-based company and they’ve created a few very popular titles available on Google Play. They’re all party games that you can play with your friends and family to keep a lively atmosphere. Their other popular app is “Czółko”, a digital version of Who am I?. 

So if you’re dreading a boring evening, now there’s a quick remedy for it available for your mobile. The game’s available for both Android and iOS.