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Startup Art. and Startup Shaker


25th of April, start from 10:00

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych

Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 37/39

Warszawa, Poland


About the Event

Startup Art. is an opportunity for young creators to enter the startup world. The conference can give you a tiny push towards your dream business. It’s organised by Biuro Kultury Warszawy, Startup Academy and Warszawa’s ASP. Startup Art. proves that art and business have more in common than you can imagine. Perhaps what you’re lacking to spread your wings is just a bit of theoretical knowledge? The conference offers loads of know-how on startups that will help fix that. The talks will inspire you to try new things and teach you about Design Thinking and its application in business.

The speakers are all from Creative businesses and they’re going to show how art and business can work well together. They’re going to discuss different aspects of startup life so that the young artists can find their own niche.

What can you expect at Startup Art?

  •         Design Thinking – what it is and how to apply it in innovations,
  •         How to mix design and tech successfully,
  •         How much a creative idea may be worth,
  •         How to enter foreign markets with your products,
  •         Current trends in design.

After the theoretical part, you’ll get a chance to test your own ideas in a small team at the Startup Shaker. Those that decide to join will have three days to work on their business ideas and present what they’ve come up with during DemoDay.

Worried that you don’t have all the necessary knowledge to succeed? No worries! Startup Art. is the perfect opportunity to create an interdisciplinary team that’ll help you in your future endeavours. What’s more, you won’t be left to your own devices. During Startup Shaker, you’ll be able to discuss your progress with experts and you’ll be provided with all the tools you need to develop a worthwhile business idea.

The admission is free of charge, so sign up now!