Startups are usually associated primarily with e-commerce, fintech and a whole lot of apps. However, it’s certainly more than just that. The Heart Warsaw, the European centre for corporate-startup collaboration, and AbbVie, an international biopharmaceutical company, have just launched HealthTech programme together. The programme serves to enable startups and small companies reach out to large medical companies to popularise their inventions and implement their solutions on a larger scale.

“Digitisation changes not only industries like banking, media or retail. Actually, each of us can benefit from digital technologies which make life easier for patients and their doctors. By launching our HealthTech Programme, we want to bring together the potential of thriving European startups with corporations that can help their solutions spread faster,” says Tomasz Rudolf, co-founder of The Heart Warsaw.

The Heart Warsaw has opened January this year and their aim is to help corporations meet up and get in touch with European startup community. They help with everything that crops along the way to fruitful co-operation. They’re there to help you find the right startup, offer dedicated scouting and help with pilot implementation. Unlike the abundant incubators, pre-accelerator, and accelerator programmes, The Heart offers help to scale-ups, successful mature startups with a ready product. That means the startups working with The Heart are ready to expand to the international markets.

Up until now, The Heart offered a Fintech programme and Omnichannel for marketing and e-commerce. Now, they’re reaching out to the Health sector with their HealthTech programme. The programme consists of three thematic stages: Telemedicine, Healthcare Analytics and Healthcare IoT. They believe the three areas they’re exploring are going to be crucial for the Healthcare sector in the upcoming years.

“Take for instance telemedicine. Could this kind of solutions be more comfortable for patients and doctors? What are the associated problems, and how can they be overcome? I think for this kind of questions we have to reach out to find creative answers. We see a lot of potential in the start-up sector in Poland and it is our responsibility to explore it, this is why, together with The Heart, we decided to initiate the HealthTech programme,” says Jacek Mazurkiewicz, General Manager of AbbVie Poland.

Telemedicine is going to be the first of the three areas explored in the HealthTech programme. In the next four months, they’re going to choose the startups, organise networking and startup demos for the potential partners and investors.

To make this endeavour even more successful, The Heart Warsaw has teamed up together with AbbVie, an international biopharmaceutical company, hiring around 29,000 employees and sells medicine globally.

“At AbbVie, science and innovation are the soul of our company. Indeed, our business is a very specific one: we are constantly finding new ways to address patients’ most serious health issues and we are going beyond developing medicines. We help to elevate the current standard of care to bring greater benefits to our patients, their caregiver and loved ones. While we concentrate our efforts on a core set of therapeutic areas, we embrace innovation in a broader way. How can we make the life of patients easier? How can we help doctors s better support and inform their patients?” says Jacek.

Have the answer to these questions? Want to sign up to the programme? Visit The Heart website: and enter your business now.