Skriware, a Swedish-Polish company, has proven its worth: they were chosen one of the top 50 startups in the world in the Kairo 50 competition. Skriware is a producer of 3D printers for both education and individual users – their main goal is to make 3D printing affordable for everyone. They have recently participated in a conference organized by Kairos Society at the New York Stock Exchange.

Kairos Society, created in 2008, is a global community supporting innovative startups. Their activity has helped brands such as Periscope, Casper, Digital Genius, or FiscalNote. The annual Kairos 50 competition allows the world’s best business ideas to be brought to light and opens up new possibilities for their creators.

Participation in Kairos Global Summit was a great opportunity to meet influential people from the business world. Not only do the Kairos 50 finalists get a lot of media attention – they also get the chance to network with the leading investors and experts in their fields. Some of the notable guests at the Kairos Global Summit included Werner Vogels (CTO Amazon), Timothy Draper (Partner, Draper & Associates), Jeff Glueck (CEO, Foursquare), John Sculley (ex-CEO, Apple), and Dick Fuld (ex-CEO, Lehman Brothers).

“Our participation in Kairos Global Summit allowed us to make a lot of valuable contacts. We are in the process of creating a modern educational program based on 3D printing and robot modeling, building, and programming. The reception of our idea was enthusiastic; we managed to obtain a few cooperation proposals,” said Karol Górnowicz, CEO at Skriware. “The support we received at Kairos Global Summit has definitely shown us that the great potential of the USA market is within our reach.”

Skriware is a comprehensive solution; their 3D printer is integrated with an original platform Skrimarket. The main focus of the startup is intuitiveness of use – this innovative software allows for one-click printing, as well as for designing original 3D models.

The Skriware’s educational offer is planned to support the development of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) skill set among participating students. This connection between creativity and technical knowledge is extremely valuable in the job market.