Want to get a good meal while in Poland? Check out Everytap and get a prepaid breakfast plan or buy a special offer and leave your wallet at home.

The founders are Maciej Piwko, the CEO, and Adam Pachucki, the Head of Product. They’re both experienced startuppers, and Everytap wasn’t their first project.

Everytap started out small, in the Tricity area, where they tested various solutions. After a few complications on the way, they found their niche. At first, their aim was a simple loyalty programme using iBeacons, where the restaurant goers could collect points when spending money in restaurants but since the iBeacon tech was still a novelty, it wasn’t 100% reliable. They remodelled, complicating their app on the way, but finally got it right.

While the app went through a lot of changes from its launch, they’ve always been earning on it. The changes aimed at finding a better niche and a business model to suit their needs. What’s more, they’ve secured funding from TVN S.A. from September 2015.

Everytap started out as a loyalty plan, but now it deals with mobile payments, coupons, advertising and discounted prepaid plans. What does it mean from the user’s point of view? You can find an interesting meal offer and buy it in the app, and not worry about the money when you go to the restaurant.

You can buy prepaid meal plans at your favourite restaurant, for example, you can get a „5 breakfasts for the price of 4” plan which you can use at once with your friend or use the plan for yourself, one meal at the time. It’s perfect for those who often dine out, and most restaurants working with Everytap are situated either in the centres of the cities or the office areas.

“On the first day we launched the breakfasts for 9 PLN campaign, our servers went down, and the shadow of a fuckup was looming over us. A few hours later we put down the fire. During the next couple of weeks, we sold almost 30k breakfast sets, and over 250,000 PLN went through the app,” says Kamil Łukasiewicz, co-founder and head of UX/UI Design at Everytap.

They didn’t abandon the iBeacon tech. They organise marketing campaigns for brands such as Red Bull, Jim Beam, Żywiec, John Lemon, illy, or Asics.

“We care a lot about design, usefulness and communicative appeal of the product. That’s why we got the Best UX title at the Central European Startup Awards 2016, Mobile Trends Awards 2015 we were recognised by Apple in App Store and Google in Play Store. We were also featured in Google Growth Engine for Europe,” says Adam Pachucki, Head of Product at Everytap.

Last year, they set their mind to expanding their reach on the main large cities in Poland. Right now, if you go to Wroclaw, Krakow or Warsaw, you can check out their promos or buy a meal plan.