Do you have to travel lots for your work? If the regular trains aren’t good enough for you, Idea Bank and Hand Made upped their game together with Polish railways (PKP Intercity) and they’ve created a bank/modern workspace in a train.

It’s comfy, modern and perfect for everyone whose work requires loads long distance journeys. If you don’t want waste your time while in a train but at the same time don’t think the cramped train seats are perfect for your work, check out Idea Hub Express. This innovative Hub is for all frequent travellers who don’t spend their time lounging on a train but hard at work but at the same time would enjoy better working conditions while travelling.

Idea Bank helps their clients however they can. They’ve started free co-working spaces for their clients from 2015. Up to now, over 30,000 people have used Idea Hubs, located in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Katowice and Poznan. In the summer, you can also hit Warsaw’s Summer Hub, right by the river.

Idea Hub Express seemed like a natural and logical extension of their work up to now. Idea Hub Express compartment looks like all Idea Bank’s Hubs: it’s got large tables, comfy chairs and a screen to show your presentations. All the necessary office equipment is available for travellers. If you’re a coffee kind of person, all the better. A coffee machine is for your use for the duration of the journey.

Everyone can hop on the Idea Hub Express, although Idea Bank clients can expect special offers and vouchers for a free trip.

Want to check it out? The train is going to run on the three routes: Warszawa-Poznan-Warszawa, Warszawa-Krakow-Warszawa and Warszawa-Wrocław-Warszawa.