A brand new platform for food delivery, mystrEAT, has recently launched in Warsaw. Tomasz Woźniak, an ex-chef and an author of cookbooks, and Kamil Woś, a former consultant and analyst, will make sure to deliver your lunch or dinner in a time as short as 35 minutes.

The idea of mystrEAT is very simple: the company cooperates with popular restaurants, such as Ceviche, Dunkin Donuts, or Mango Vegan. You can choose your favorite course from their menus, regardless whether it’s a burger, black pasta with seafood, or a vegan smoothie. After an online payment, a courier on an electric scooter arrives at your exact location – for instance, at your workplace, or in a park – and delivers you a warm meal.

Currently mystrEAT delivers food from over 110 restaurants in Warsaw. Their main income comes from a commission from each order (up to 25%), and from a delivery fee fixed at 7.99 PLN. Couriers move around the city on electric scooters, but mystrEAT also plans to create a dedicated car fleet for one of restaurant chains.

Contrary to other popular food delivery platforms, mystrEAT doesn’t use any elaborate technology to communicate with restaurants. Instead, they decided to settle for regular phone calls. “Every additional device is a problem for the restaurant staff,” said Woźniak. “Our method may appear archaic, but phone calls allow us to have a direct contact with the restaurant and guarantee short food preparation time. We solve 99% of all food ordering problems within one minute, also via phone calls.”

The customers’ choice is limited to the restaurants in immediate vicinity – the maximum distance cannot exceed 4 kilometers. This distance was chosen to ensure a fast delivery during ETA (estimated time of arrival). “Delivery in 30-40 minutes is not an empty slogan, it’s a commitment,” said Woś. “At the moment, we deliver 85% of all orders within ETA.”

“We entered the market in January, but we already have several hundred orders every week,” said Kamil Woś, the co-founder of mystrEAT. “By the end of the year, we plan to launch our service in other cities in Poland: Kraków, Poznań, and Wrocław.”

MystrEAT is currently testing a separate service for business owners. The team wants to provide a possibility to account for all orders placed within one month with a single invoice. Their offer also includes Business Sets – ready-to-go sets of meals for 5, 10, or 15 people.  Their platform is an alternative to regular catering service, which can require up to several days to realize an order. MystrEAT, on the other hand, needs only about two hours to deliver food to a business meeting.