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If you’re into AR/VR technologies and dream of creating something innovative and awesome, UNIT9 VR Challenge Hackathon 2017 will give you the perfect opportunity to try. The event is organised by UNIT9, Le Polish Bureau, and will be held during the second edition of Lodzkie Innovation Days. The cool thing? It’s the first event dedicated to HoloLens tech in Poland and one of the first in the whole wide world.

The event will take place in Lodz on May 30 – June 1. It’s targeted at AR / VR enthusiasts, especially programmers, designers and game jam fans. You will be able to learn about the latest tech and gain useful know-how that can help you in the future. No matter whether you’re a first-timer or a more experienced startupper, there’s something new to learn, either from cool mentors or other participants.

“We aim to show that innovation is just a step away. Access to new technology, a team of talented people and inspiration are all provided at UNIT9 VR Challenge Hackathon 2017. We hope that with these a really revolutionary idea will hatch during these 48-hours,” says Maciej Zasada, the founder of Polish UNIT9 chapter and the organiser of the event.

During the Hackathon, you’ll need to create a working prototype of an app for the HoloLens device. Everyone draws a topic, and they’ve got 48 hours to show what they’ve got. You won’t be left on your own either; experts from UNIT9, Microsoft and Senfino will make sure you don’t get lost and enjoy the whole experience.

Are you in? Gather a team and register now. You definitely won’t regret it! Besides having a chance to create an awesome app, you’ll also meet loads of inspiring people from the game dev community.