If you want to revolutionise the Polish ITC market and you’re thinking globally, Alfabeat can help you create new innovative technologies. You can present your ideas at Alfabeat office hours and get the funding you need to make your business thrive, no matter whether you’re just starting a project or want to perfect already existing solutions.

The investments are a part of BRIdge Alfa programme organised by The National Centre of Research and Development. The Centre helps R&D projects to develop when they’re in their seed phase so that they can get out of that precarious phase successfully. BRIdge Alfa helps startups in commercialisation and helping the founders and investors create long-term bonds.

Alfabeat vast experience in technological enterprises is definitely their big advantage. The founders all specialise in different areas, but they’ve all got something common: they can all provide startups with much-needed expertise. Moreover, they work with a board of Experts consisting of over a dozen independent specialists. All that to provide with all a startup might need to thrive. What’s more, every project they decide to support will get an Alfabeat mentor, who’s in constant contact with the entrepreneurs. If you’ve got problems with marketing, HR, administration or finances, Alfabeat will help you with all these too.

“Founders don’t trust investors because they believe that such a cooperation means giving away the rights to your project. It’s possible such things happen. At Alfabeat we believe in clear rules of cooperation and want to achieve a win-win situation, where everyone believes they’ve succeeded,” says Jan Wyrwiński, Managing Partner at Alfabeat.

There will be no surprises on the way. Alfabeat has processes that govern the co-operation with startups so you don’t have to worry the conditions will change. You’ll always keep most of the shares in your company so that finding future international investors won’t be an issue.

Want to try your luck with Alfabeat? Present your startup to managing partners during Alfabeat office hours. Discuss the most important points: CLIENT-PROBLEM-SOLUTION. Travelling on Warsaw-Gdańsk (train number EIP1501) on Wednesday? You can meet up with them every week at 7.00-9.00 am.

No matter where you decide to meet up with them, remember to register on their website first.