Do you work in an office complex? Don’t have time to get a proper meal and end up snacking all day on crisps, chocolate bars. Rocket Luncher is a DaftMobile app that won’t let you go hungry when you are at work.

Food delivery market is a big thing nowadays. There are loads of food delivery apps on the market, such as PizzaPortal, or UberEATS. They’re all perfect when you’re ordering takeout with your friends. However, when time is of an essence, they don’t do their job. According to McKinsey & Company research, only 16% online orders are to offices. Rocket Luncher eliminates all the obstacles that occur in the food delivery process.

When you order food to your workplace, you expect a fuss-free solution.  The more time it takes to have the food delivered, the lesser the chances the customer will continue using the app.

„We can see that there are many issues connected to food deliveries the market hasn’t found a solution to. Large office complex employees don’t have time to eat, much less to waste it on going through large menus and filling out complex forms,” says Piotr Łupiński, CEO Rocket Luncher. „When we’re under pressure, we decide on the easiest solutions, ergo all the unhealthy snacks. Rocket Luncher lets you choose a dish from a short menu and order it three taps later. Lunch will be waiting for you in your office reception, which means won’t have to get out of an important meeting to pick it up or pay for it.”

Rocket Luncher is easy to navigate. You go to the app, choose the dish you want to eat, and get it ten minutes later at no additional cost. As it’s building-specific, it saves you the awkward explanation of where exactly the food needs to be delivered. That way, you won’t have any problems planning out your lunch, and you can always manage to eat something nutritious, even between meetings.

Right now, the system runs in Warsaw Spire, belonging to Ghelamco Poland, but soon other buildings will follow. So far, Rocket Luncher is very successful: half of app launches end in placing an order.

Want to check it out? It’s available in App Store and on Google Play.