Jitiv, Healmorn, and Control Cold are the first three startups in Samsung Incubator Rzeszów

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Smarthouse system, healthy alarm clock, and industrial refrigeration systems are the first technologies that are going to be developed in the Samsung Incubator programme in Rzeszów. The Incubator was opened in mid-April to facilitate the development of tech projects in Poland.

Samsung Incubator Rzeszów helps young entrepreneurs or startups develop their project into a marketable solution; it’s enough if you have a really innovative idea to get qualified. The first round is dedicated to IoT projects.

We’re presenting the first three startups:

Jitiv is a truly intelligent smart house system. It supports house management and all it needs to operate is a WiFi connection. It’s smaller than other available solutions and really user-friendly. The installation is a breeze and doesn’t require any special equipment; you can start using the device as soon as you buy it. Jitiv uses machine learning and data analytics and helps the user to reduce their monthly bills up to 12%. For the customers, it means that they can be eco-friendly while making money out of it, which is always a nice thing.

Healmorn is something else entirely. We’re still talking about smart living solutions here. The product is a healthy alarm clock that will make everyone’s morning better, no matter how little sleep they got the previous night. Healmorn is an alarm clock that provides the sleeper with a healthy warm drink upon waking. Warm is the keyword here: warm water, up 40 °C, will make the metabolic processes faster. Simply drinking warm water before eating can help you lose weight, ease your gastric problems or help your skin clear. And that’s just water. Healmorn solution offers much more, as they add beneficial dietary supplements.

With Control Cold we leave the home environment and enter the realm of Industrial IoT. The startup offers remote monitoring and management (RMM) software for industrial refrigeration and fire protection systems (with over 3 kg of refrigerant). The RMM system consists of an inbuilt electronic module in the devices, a cloud database where all the readings are stored and a web/mobile app where you can monitor the devices online. There’s a big market for such solution as the data collection became a necessity due to law changes in Poland in 2015 and non-adherence to the current regulation may result in large financial fees. The product is already being tested at Masarnia Jasionka.

Samsung will choose three more IoT startups for the programme. The lucky six will have the access to workspaces, opportunity to attend special courses to help them develop their idea to their liking. Of course, everything will take place under a watchful eye of the mentors and Samsung experts. So, young startuppers, don’t worry! Samsung won’t be left to fend for themselves. Experienced managers will guide them and help them in creating business models, verifying market demand and enhancing digital competences.

Even though Samsung’s ended the enrolment process for the IoT startups, they aren’t done with recruiting exciting startups. Look out for the next registration and don’t forget to enter your project when it opens.

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