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While many areas of our lives have already been transformed by technology, the process of job search still remains obsolete. Even though job offers have now moved from newspapers to the virtual space, their format hasn’t changed at all. Emplocity is a Polish startup that brings innovation, AI, and machine learning into the recruitment process, proving that the “matching” of employers and employees can be fast and uncomplicated.

The idea of a non-traditional recruitment portal was a natural consequence of the founders’ experiences with the job search. Krzysztof Sobczak, the CEO of Emplocity, and Arkadiusz Talun, the CTO, have both struggled with the recruitment process. They quickly noticed that the process is frustrating, inefficient, and time-consuming for both sides. Candidates waste hours reading unrealistic job offers and participating in unsuccessful interviews. Recruiters, on the other hand, lose a lot of money and resources while searching for the perfect candidate.

“Our objective is to transform the labor market,” said Sobczak. “Our system takes over the most difficult stages of recruitment and candidates’ selection, helping to meet the right decisions stripped of prejudices or cognitive errors.”

Using Emplocity starts on the side of the recruiting company. Exactly like in the traditional system, the person responsible for the recruitment process determines what skills are required or expected from candidates. Once these requirements are uploaded into the system, Emplocity uses machine learning, AI, and big data analysis to pick the candidates who best match the criteria from their database and sends automated invitations to job interviews.

On the candidates’ side, the platform is a major improvement in terms of time spent on the job search. Each candidate uploads only one CV to participate in this reversed recruitment process. Instead of reaching to tens of companies, you can wait until they get in touch with you.

Emplocity has three sources of financing. In 2015, they received an EU grant for increasing the innovativeness of economy and building a digital society.  Last November, Daniel Lewczuk, a Polish business angel, has invested into the development of their reverse recruitment system. Finally, in April 2017, Emplocity received 1 million PLN of funding from a Polish power engineering company Enprom.

Currently, Emplocity is used by over 100 companies searching for employees. The team is prepared for a dynamic increase in the number of users after launching their brand new AI-based solution in June 2017.