We can’t stress enough how important it is to exist online. Your website and social media are often what makes you attractive to your customers. Good content might be the reason why people choose your solution over many others. However, they need to find you first to see your innovative ideas. Mangools provides you SEO tools like Keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking under one roof.

The founder of mangools, formerly called KWFinder, is Peter Hrbacik. He’s been web-developer since high school and used to work on various projects including startups. As a teenager, he developed a tool for web analytics, so he always had the passion for running his own projects. It all started when Peter came up with the idea of KWFinder in 2014. He was trying to find keywords for a project and realised there hadn’t been any tool suiting his needs. Peter leveraged his development and business skills to launch the first version of KWFinder in August. What was meant for personal use suddenly became a popular keyword research tool. Expanding the project seemed like a natural solution as Peter.

“We started as KWFinder. When we released our second tool, SERPChecker, in July 2016 we established mangools. It’s the managing platform for all our tools. Every user has only one account with access to all tools. Nowadays, we’re finalising our third tool, SERPWatcher. It’s a big project with innovative features so we hope it’s going to be successful. It’s set to be launched this summer,” says Maros Kortis from mangools. “We’ve spent last six months working on it.”

That’s how mangools was born. It provides a portfolio of SEO tools for keyword research, SERP analysis, and keyword position tracking. KWFinder allows you find hundreds of long tail keywords your competitors are missing. SERPChecker analyses your competitors and SERPWatcher tracks your positions with one key metric.

“When it comes to functions, some tools have features that others don’t and vice versa. Our aim is to provide tools which work perfectly, have fresh, relevant data and their overall UX is great. That’s why we listen to our users. Many improvements are based on their feedback,” says Maros.

One of the biggest advantages is mangools’ signature user experience and design. Many reviews stress user-friendly interface of the tools. Another important aspect is customer support, as Mangools provide real-time support via chat or emails; they always try to respond within 24 hours.

Mangools is bootstrapping, and it’s growing fast. In 2014 Peter was the only person in the company, in 2016 it was already six of them. The monthly revenue is currently five times bigger than last summer.

Want to check mangools out? If you have a small business, mangools free may be enough for you: You’ll have three lookups per tool a day. Need more? Mangools subscriptions start at $12.42 / month.