Applying for a job? Hate formatting your resume because it never looks just right? Kickresume will help you create a perfect resume, cover letter and personal website in minutes.

It was founded by two college classmates: Peter and Tomas. Peter majored in Civil Engineering, Tomas got his degrees in Law and Marketing Communication. Peter is CEO of Kickresume and head designer, while Tomas works as a head of marketing and growth.

Together, they make quite a team and have had successes since the launch of Kickresume, which wasn’t even actually supposed to be their primary business.

“We started Kickresume as a side project during college. In the beginning, it was intended mainly for ourselves and our classmates, since all of us needed resumes to apply for internships. After two months, to our surprise, Kickresume already had thousands of users, and we decided to start working on it full-time,” says Tomas. “That was four years ago. Today, Kickresume has more than 300K users worldwide, and it’s still our main occupation.”

Even though Kickresume started as a resume builder, by today it has grown much bigger and creating a resume only one of the app’s many functionalities. Kickresume has evolved into a full-blown one stop shop for all job seekers. In a matter of minutes, you can create a beautiful resume or cover letter. Setting up a personal website is equally effortless; it simply takes all the information from the resume you have already created. If you don’t have any idea what job would suit you the most, you can play a set of simple games based on MIT research that will analyse their cognitive skills. This way

All you need to do is enter all the relevant information into Kickresume, and the app will take care of the painstaking part: the formatting. Kickresume turns a tiresome activity into something fun since you don’t do any actual work here. Browse through the existing templates until you find the one that best suits you. What’s more, you can make your resume and cover letter match so that they catch your future employer’s eye.

“The philosophy behind Kickresume is to keep it as simple as possible. Thanks to its simplicity, you can create a great-looking resume with next to no effort. We’ll also help you with writing its content. Moreover, our cognitive games based on MIT neuroscience research are fantastic for students who are still deciding on what career path they should take. In the end, we’re always trying to bring innovative features without compromising the original simplicity of Kickresume,” says Tomas.

Currently, Kickresome is negotiating partnerships with universities in the USA where they see a huge potential for development. They also work hard on creating useful content to help job seekers succeed on the job market and have published their first illustrated ebook — The Job Seeker’s Guide to the Galaxy  Check it out, the illustrations inside are really something.

In 2015, Kickresume got 100K in funding from the biggest Slovak startup incubator The Spot; now it’s  self-funded, and their revenue is steadily growing.

So don’t hesitate and check Kickresume now. You can create a basic resume for free or go for Premium features for $15/month. Worried about typos or grammar? Human editors will make sure your text is on point for $19 and get back to you in under 24h.