It’s a busy time at Campus Warsaw. They’ve just moved and they’re going to host international investors from CEE at CEE All Stars fundraiser. That doesn’t stop them from helping startups, though. They’ve just announced campus residency list and the startups that will take part in Launchpad Accelerator programme.

Google has launched three equity free programmes, directed for startups: Launchpad Start, Campus Residency and Launchpad Accelerator. The two former are organised on Campus Warsaw.

“Campus has over 12k members and has just moved to a new bigger building, and just like startups, is entering a new stage of development,” says Rafał Plutecki, Head of Campus Warsaw. “Right now we’re concentrating on three pillars of development. The first pillar is aimed to help startups directly in programmes such as Campus Residency. The second is playing the role of a CEE startups ambassador organising such events as CEE All Stars. And the third – helping companies in global development through a close co-operation with partners.”

Campus Residency is a six-month programme tailored especially for high-potential startups. Entrepreneurs will get the help they need so that they can concentrate on their business. Startuppers can solve growth challenges with the help of mentors and experts. They can also use the free workspace Campus Warsaw offers. The full list of the new Campus residents:

  •  Autenti − a platform for approving documents and signing contracts online,
  • theConstruct – a design review platform in VR/AR,
  • Oscar Senior – a Czech platform helping the elderly keep up with technology and stay in touch with their loved ones,
  • OvuFriend– a platform for women trying to get pregnant,
  • – currency exchange platform for companies,
  • Yestersen– an online platform where you can buy vintage furniture,
  • Quotiss– a tool to simplify the management of freight rates,
  • WealthArc– the wealth management platform for financial advisors,
  • UserEngage– a marketing automation tool providing data collection, live chats, and marketing campaigns,
  • Kredytmarket– online platform providing credit for businesses.

Launchpad Accelerator programme, the other programme organised by Google Developers and it’s for the first time available for the CEE region startups. The programme is a six-month accelerator for fast growing scale-ups, which want to get the next million users. The programme starts with a two-week accelerator in the Silicon Valley. the list of the qualified startups:

  • DrOmnibus(Poland) − modern tools for education and therapy, and apps for children with behavioural and developmental disorders (like autism, Down syndrome or ADHD)
  • Gamee (Czech Republic) – first mobile gaming social network,
  • Spendee (Czech Republic) – finance management app to help you track your personal spendings,
  • PublishDrive (Hungary) − publishing platform to increase your ebook sales.