Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular among all readers, old and young. More and more people are abandoning paperbacks in favour of mobile books. However, while everyone concentrates on adults, the children market isn’t really covered. Loloki, a new platform that offers audiobooks for children, is trying to change that.

The founders are very experienced entrepreneurs. Agnieszka and Krzysztof Jagodziński are experts in fintech and commerce. They started service, purchased by Allegro (Polish eBay) and later Leroy Merlin.

The user can check out all the audiobooks available in the offer. There are no limits to the number of books you can access monthly. So if your child is a fast reader, all the better. At the moment, there are over 200 books available on the platform. New ones are going to be added every month.

The audiobooks are not just fairy tales and short stories, but also educational books that can facilitate the learning process and help children get better grades. They are all available exclusively on Loloki and haven’t been published elsewhere. What’s cool is that they aren’t just traditional audiobooks; they combine voice over with illustrations and text to let the children have a complete reading experience.

You can stream all books and download them to your mobile devices so that children can access them offline at any time. That way they can entertain themselves when you’re travelling.

“Loloki isn’t just incredible books for children; it also helps children read by themselves and teaches children the use of modern tech smartly. We realise that not all Polish children have equal access to the world of colourful fairy tales and good education. That’s why we’d like to support children’s homes and Paediatric Wards, giving them the library access for free,” explains Kaja Kulinicz, cofounder of Loloki Library.

For 15 PLN/a month, a child can access all the books available on the platform.