If you’re a designer and would like to earn some extra cash on your projects, hit colour.me. Up to recently, this innovative platform offered just their own designs but it’s about to change.They’ve just added a new functionality – Marketplace – where you’ll be able to upload your own projects.

Colour.me is an online print house with available templates for ad materials. They provide both the creative project and the print and free shipping. It’s a place everyone can go when they’re in search of ad materials such as leaflets or business cards. The user can browse the available templates and personalise them to suit their needs. Colour.me takes care of everything: Provides you with a nice template and prints the ad materials for you.

It’s a win-win solution for the designer and the client. This way the client has got total control of their design and can get exactly what they want, without needless fuss and discussions with the designer. On the other hand, for the designer, it means no corrections from the client.

Colour.me Marketplace is a space where you can showcase your designs. Marketplace supports freelancing by giving you a platform to present your projects to potential clients. You no longer need to wait until someone gives you a commission; you can be your own boss and create new templates whenever you want. Whenever someone decides to use them, you get money for your design and get a potential client for future projects. After all, if someone liked your design once, there’s a chance they’re going to need other ad materials in similar style.

What’s more, Marketplace gives an opportunity for the clients to have personalised commissions. At the moment, colour.me is creating an artist database so that the clients have a lot of designers to choose from.

So, if you’re an innovative and creative person, join the team now. You don’t have to worry about anyone restricting your artistic freedom: you’ll be able to set the prices yourself and you’ll take whatever commissions you’re interested in. Upload your portfolio and enjoy new opportunities.

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