At impact’17 The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) sent a clear message: they support the technology market as well as truly innovative entrepreneur. It’s not the formalities and correctly filled out forms that matter most.

That’s what professor Maciej Chorowski, Director of NCRB said during his speech on the main stage.

“We’re announcing a new view on research and development and coming back to the old truths. Research process cannot be an initiative in itself. It needs to lead to the creation of new services or products. We want to guarantee all new technologies in Poland a beta market, just like the Americans have. NCBR is for everyone!” said Director of NCBR, encouraging scientists and entrepreneurs to join them in cooperation.

That wasn’t really difficult, since NCBR had its own stage at impact ’17. It was really popular and gathered hundreds of people daily. That’s where the discussions about the most important programmes supporting innovation took place there. It was the place to go if startuppers wanted to find out how to apply for grants and get some intel as to what Economy 4.0 areas could hope for strategic programmes.

“Together with our partners we’ve got approximately 2 billion PLN in corporate and venture capital funds. We’re giving free rein to our investment team, which will choose between six to nine thematic funds,” said professor Aleksander Nawrat, Deputy Director of NCBR, highlighting the importance of setting up a dynamic VC market in Poland.

“We’re going to be building open standards of electromobility so that many Polish companies can join the ecosystem,” said Michał Markiewicz.

NCBR was impact’17 Public Sector and Co-Finance Partner.

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