For the first time even Polish startup wins Startup European Awards, initiative promoted by the European Commission. The winners were announced at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Startup European Awards, the so-called “Eurovision for startups”, aims to promote forward-looking startups from the region. However, it’s not enough to have just an innovative solution. The winners need to be open to international collaboration and new markets. They are the models for others to follow, providing unconventional solutions and standing out in their region. The ten categories are Creative, Energy, Fintech, Green, Health, ICT, Smart Cities, Social, Tourism, and Water.

“At the European Commission, we want entrepreneurship, which propels the economy and the employment, to develop not only in few cities, or regions. More people should be able to benefit from it,” says Isidro Laso, Head of Startup Europe.

84 companies from 14 countries made it to the finals. Nine of the finalists were from Poland: Pelvifly (Health), Jumbster (Tourism), Ronzo (Green), DeepDoc (ICT), Smartbox (Energy), Equally (FinTech), Socialgamer (Social), Sense (Smart Cities) and RoboCAMP (Creativity).

RoboCAMP proved to be the the best in its category and Wojciech Syrocki, the founder of RoboCAMP, got the award in Creativity. The startup was praised for its easy global implementation.

“The purpose of the Startup Poland Global program was not only to familiarize participants with the necessary skills to create, present and sell their solutions. We were determined to help the laureates go international. We keep our fingers crossed for RoboCAMP and hope that their journey towards the global market can commence,” says Julia Krysztofiak-Szopa, President of Startup Poland.

RoboCAMP offers training courses in coding and robotics for teachers. Teachers, besides getting the Intel how to teach, also get useful resources for their classroom. It’s a complex solution for schools created by educators, psychologists and engineers. It’s got everything one might need to create successful classes. There are online courses and webinars for teachers, lesson plans and extra materials for the classroom and complete courses available on their e-learning platform. Educators won’t be left to their devices and can hope for support in the classroom, too. No robotics workshop at school? Do not worry, RoboCAMP provides necessary equipment.

RoboCAMP encourages children to learn physics, mechanics, biology, and problem solving. Want to check it out? Go to RoboCAMP website now and find a course for yourself.