KGHM Cuprum is a mining R&D Centre that realises innovation is the key to success in the scientific endeavour. At Impact ’17, one of the most important startup events in the CEE region, Piotr Dytko discussed innovation in the mining industry and rewriting the role of mining R&D centre KGHM Cuprum.

KGHM Cuprum Ltd Research and Development Centre deals with the challenges Polish Copper brings. However, their research goes well beyond the mining industry and is not limited to just Poland. They work both with home and international companies and they take part in EU programmes.

They’re also looking for entrepreneurs with promising solutions to give them the push they need to develop their budding projects. They’re a partner in the MITEF Poland Acceleration programme, where they work with startups that deal with the mining industry. Their priority is processing and utilisation of surplus sulfuric acid. But they’re also interested in mining, processing, disposal of new materials, energy-saving technologies, and the impact of mining and processing industries on the environment.

“If you have passion and innovative projects, we are the right partner for you,” said Piotr Dytko, KGHM Cuprum CEO.

They have modern labs and all the necessary equipment to implement innovative solutions young startups might have. To their partners, they offer business and scientific cooperation and give an opportunity to turn an idea into a solution ready to conquer the international market.

Impact ’17 gave KGHM Cuprum a chance to talk to startuppers about their projects. Young innovators could present their ideas on modernising the industry and discuss the possibility of a partnership with the R&D Centre.

KGHM Cuprum was Impact ’17 Partner.

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