Unknown 4.0 is how Wojciech Kamieniecki, NASK CEO, calls the challenges ahead of politicians, entrepreneurs, and managers who appeared at impact’17 . Unknown 4.0, next stage of the cyber world development, should be solved by NASK.

“When industrial automated processes are getting more and more popular, the risk of physical damage to the infrastructure due to a program malfunction or intentional act heightens. The ecosystem based on National Framework Cybersecurity Policy of the Republic of Poland will counteract such dangers,” said Wojciech Kamieniecki.

During the congress at Krakow cybersecurity was one of the key problems that touch all the branches of the new economy. During “Thinking Security for Industry 4.0” panel, Juliusz Brzostek, Director of NC Cyber at NASK, was explaining that in this case, the state doesn’t offer a viable solution to all the problems. Asked if rigoristic regulations should be implemented by the administration, he said such actions didn’t bring good results abroad.

“As analysts, we are able to predict the dangers and the development of the cyberspace quite accurately. Having such knowledge, the state should support the development of the cybersecurity system without interfering with the market. We’re therefore building the ecosystem knowing that the problem can be only dealt with the implementation of the partnership between the public and private sector. It needs to be a good technical cooperation. It will bear fruit in the next few years,” said Juliusz Brzostek on impact’17 stage, encouraging entrepreneurs to work with NASK.

Right now there are fifty-five companies and state agencies in the coalition, building the new idea of the safe cyberspace. There should be many more companies joining them until the end of this year. Juliusz Brzostek assured that NASK won’t be forcing any solutions. He invited everyone to impact’18, saying that next year will be marked by the respect to the private sector:

“Coalition and co-operation mean we can at the very best show market participants what standards are already old. We won’t do more,” he said.


NASK was impact’17 Partner

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