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Synerise, a marketing and sales innovation company, has issued its shares for the second time this year. Thanks to a transaction of an astounding 45 million PLN Synerise has obtained a capital that will be used mostly for further research and development of their solutions.

Synerise provides its customers with solutions to improve their financial performance. The platform competes with the giants of the MarTech market, targeting mosstly large enterprises. In the nearest future, they plan to prepare a solution tailored for small and medium enterprises as well.

“There is no other company in the European market that has such a unique team, a refined product, a well-thought-out strategy and such a potential for growth. I’m extremely glad that I decided to joined this team, says Paweł Chodaczek, who influenced the success of companies such as Cloud Technologies and RTB House.

Synerise has chosen the most promising partners who will provide them with access to venture capital, unique technologies, and a team of more than 150 experts in fields such as Data Science. The company’s plans for the future include employing outstanding Artificial Intelligence specialists and creating a team supporting Synerise in international operations.

„We want to surround ourselves with people who have a strong sense of mission and are always ready to go the extra mile,” said Jarosław Królewski, the CEO of Synerise. “We want to remain a company that puts special emphasis on technology and tight cooperation with the scientific environment. This is in our DNA; our dream has always been to build a high-quality product that will withstand all challenges and competitions, even at the cost of micro-defeats. Even today, we are a global company with large aspirations, and in the nearest future, we plan to become the leader of a brand new marketing segment. We would like to thank all of our partners and customers for their patience and openness to innovation.”

For the last year, Synerise has been investing in innovative algorithms, including autonomous processes. The company regularly cooperates with the largest media houses in Poland, as well as with international corporations such as Microsoft and Orange. At the moment, Synerise is in the so-called Catastrophic Growth phase – they are receiving numerous investment offers from leading global funds.

“Our dream is to create a magic button that will change the lives of marketers and remove the necessity of mundane work in the popular hand crafter rules marketing model. The Synerise team is currently working on s modern distributed memory system that will give us a global competitive advantage,” said Królewski.