The Enterie Collective is the first, one of a kind, European communications network that will help startups successfully enter new European markets. They specialise in digital and tech companies and will help local brands go global, providing the communication network needed to successfully scale your product.

The independent agencies from seven countries: United Kingdom (Mustard PR), Denmark (Kemp & Kjær), France (Com’I/O), Germany (m3 PR), Portugal, Poland (Profeina), and Spain (Canella PR) are all experienced players. They’ve worked with such brands as Actifio, Adopt Un Mec, BlaBlaCar, Blue Media, Coders Lab, Deutsche Telekom, eve Sleep, GoCardless, Kodak, Palo Alto Networks, Relook, That means startups can expect proper help in going global.

“Our initiative was inspired by our clients inquiring how to develop their brands abroad after succeeding on the local market. We’re based in Poland and we’ve operated on foreign markets with different results. In the end, we decided to work with local partners who know their markets better,” says Magdalena Górak, COO and founder of Enterie Collective.

After all, even a brand with the best product still needs to take into consideration the country they sell it in. Just because one marketing strategy might work in the UK, it doesn’t mean it won’t blow to pieces in Poland or Portugal.
Enterie is aiming to help both Polish companies planning expansion abroad and foreign startups that have set their eye on Poland. They help with analysing the market and the competition, provide insights into local trends and customer behaviour and will assist you in adapting the product to the local needs. They’ll also help you identify the important influencers and make sure your brand thrives.

Right now, the Enterie Collective supports brands in the UK, Germany, France Denmark, Poland, Spain and Portugal. Want to check them out? Visit their website and see what they’ve got to offer.

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