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Silvair is a company of Polish origin that has set out to create a comprehensive smart system for commercial lighting. Their IoT solution based on the cutting-edge Bluetooth Mesh standard will allow manufacturers to wirelessly manage their lighting systems, decreasing the costs and simultaneously providing a great user experience to the building occupants.

The lighting network operated by Silvair software generates real-time data from sensors placed all over the building. Basing on this data, it predicts the expected lighting patterns and suggests solutions to improve profitability or optimize the utilization of space with regard to lighting.

“Our product is well suited to the requirements of the global lighting market. Our experience and knowledge allow us to build the image of a professional company at an international level,” said Rafał Han, the CEO of Silvair.

The product is targeted to lighting manufacturers who do not have time or resources to invest in the IoT market. The Silvair system allows them to concentrate on their core business and gives them a competitive advantage by providing them with a fully configurable smart solution.

The entire system bases on Bluetooth Mesh standard that has still not been implemented in the global market. This standard addresses typical problems of IoT networks such as too high latency, scalability, and multi-user control. This way, they can easily connect many devices at once without losing the quality of the wireless connection.

The founders of Silvair are skilled entrepreneurs with many years of experience in management. Adam Gembala, thanks to his background in Orlen or Ramsat, is a finances specialist. Szymon Slupik, the current CTO, is also the head of the Mesh Working Group in the Bluetooth SIG organization. Rafał Han, the CEO, is a serial entrepreneur highly skilled in creating marketing strategies for large brands.

At the moment, the company employs over 70 people in two offices – in Kraków and in San Francisco. They mainly focus on the R&D department, which works on the Bluetooth Mesh standard that will allow for a rapid development of the Internet of Things field. The team expects this solution to be released to the global markets this year. The introduction of Bluetooth Mesh will give them a green light to market their product to a large number of lighting companies that are already interested in the product. Meanwhile, they are using $16.8 M of financing from two funding rounds – a seed round and a series A round, led by Trigon TFI.