Want to train your dog and know exactly how well he’s doing? Want to play fetch like a pro? Check out Bringy, a smart ball for your pet.

“All dogs love spending time outdoors with their owners, and ball games are the best choice for fresh air activities. Being a dog lover and a fan of useful gadgets, I came up with the idea of using advanced sensors and algorithms to understand dogs better. Games we deliver engage both brains and muscles of pupils, so Bringy ball and application are great for safe and balanced improvement of dog’s skills. Bringy was designed as a smart connection between people and their pets – with our technology you can become your dog’s best friend,” explains Piotr Jasiński, the founder of Bringy.

How does this high-tech gadget work? It may seem like a regular ball but the insides make it so much more. Bringy ball monitors your dog’s activity during playing. It measures among others the distance your dog runs to get the toy and how high he jumps to catch it. it’s all made possible thanks to high sampling rate sensor which provides reliable data, later processed by advanced algorithms.

All the data can be accessed via Bringy’s dedicated app. You can analyse how well your dog is doing and find out how to adjust your play to make it as enjoyable and healthy as possible. The app will also remind users about giving a bowl of fresh water while playing outdoors, and tell when a dog is ready to head back home. What’s most important, it helps you strengthen the bond with your pet.

Afraid your dog is going to destroy the ball within minutes? No worries, it’s made with super durable medical-quality rubber. You’ll never lose it either as it glows in the dark and has an inbuilt lost&found alarm, which you can turn on with your app.

Something you might want to get for your dog? Get yours now before it’s too late and help Bringy team bring this project to life. They’re campaigning on Kickstarter right now and there are still 21 days to go. Bringy balls start at a special price of $45 for super early birds and get your dog an early Christmas present.