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An increasing number of startups all over the world takes advantage of the Internet of Things trend, providing their customers with devices that are always connected to the Internet. Spaceti, a Prague-based company founded only in 2016, goes one step further. Their system is a combination of software and hardware that allows for true interaction between the building and its occupants to ensure smoother operation and increased productivity.

“Our goal is to help people make more efficient and pleasant stay in the indoor environments. We know it’s just a matter of time for technologies like Spaceti to become a standard in most buildings globally,” said Max Verteletskyi, the CEO and co-founder of Spaceti.

What exactly does Spaceti offer? Their solution is a combination of three elements: “smartstones”, a mobile app and an online dashboard. Smartstones are simply hardware devices with tons of in-built sensors that communicate with the cloud in real time. They can be installed on walls, desks, or under chairs with a special adhesive tape, and are extremely low-maintenance – they only need a replacement of batteries every five years.

Smartstones provide information that is automatically displayed on an online dashboard. This includes data such as temperature and humidity, but also building occupancy, supplied directly by the third element of the system: a mobile app. The app provides users with a clear overview of available working space (for instance, empty meeting rooms or available hot desks), pinpoints the location of key equipment such as fire extinguishers, and allows users to receive notifications sent by the facility manager. Additionally, they can report any maintenance issues, such as faulty lighting, with just one simple click.

As the Spaceti founders point out, their platform is a bridge that connects property owners, building occupants, and facility managers. Owners are able to lower operating costs and provide an attractive workplace for their tenants, who in turn increase their productivity and optimize the use of working space. Facility managers take advantage of the reporting option, which significantly reduces the time required to locate and resolve maintenance issues.

Even though founded only a year ago, Spaceti is already at the growth stage and has paying customers in four European countries. In May 2017, the company received over a million EUR funding from Reflex Capital and Fast Forward/Y&R.