The first edition of ScaleUp, the acceleration programme organised by Technogical Park Krakow as a part of Start in Poland initiative, is only just coming to an end but you can already sign up your project for the second edition starting this autumn. All Polish industry and smart city startups are warmly welcome and the lucky twelve who get in can hope for 200,000 PLN grants.

So far the programme is proving to be a great success. Startups can hope not just for money to help them implement their product but also loads of networking opportunities and professional expert advice. If you’re not sure you’re going in the right direction, the acceleration programme can help you with that. If you’re looking for investors or implementation opportunities, ScaleUp is just the thing for you. Startups that have taken part in the first edition could hope for help from such companies as EC Group, Kraków Airport, Protech, Oknoplast, ES-SYSTEM, Astor or Fideltronik.

“The biggest challenges a startup faces is to gain credibility and implement your solution commercially. During KPT ScaleUp, we talked to ten big companies from the region on the first day and got useful contacts and insights. I believe entering an acceleration programme is the best way of turning a prototype into an attractive product,” says Przemysław Gałązka, CEO Sense.

Feeling encouraged? Good. The acceleration programme is available for all young Polish startups with at least a B2B prototype. If you’v existed for less than five years, you’re good. The programme is designed for all companies interested in Industry 4.0, IIoT or smart city, so sign up if that’s your cup of tea.
„The best advice I can give to startups is to sign up and present their project. Too often people having great ideas are worried ‘this is not for them’. We’ve got years of experience working on a great variety of projects and we’re not afraid of dealing with really innovative stuff,” says Bartosz Józefowski, KPT ScaleUp coordinator.
Want to sign up? Go here and do it before it’s too late. ScaleUp starts in November.

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