T‑Mobile is implementing Smart Cities solutions in Poland. New energy-saving installations will be in place in Nysa and Pionek, providing smart streetlights and, in the future more smart technologies, setting up a base for future development of intelligent systems.

The new streetlights mean considerable cost cuts. The cities should be able to save up on moving from the traditional street lighting to the new LED lights around 35-40% and that’s just the beginning. The lights will have a smart control system, which means the lights will be adjustable and customizable. Is it too dark? No worries, you can always crank up the brightness and disperse the darkness. Low energy consumption and cheaper maintenance are huge advantages as well.

That’s not the end of the smart features, though. Modernized street lamps mean you can implement other technologies, such as CCTV, hot spots, or electric car stations. They can be also customized to work for specific places. Since there’re problems with the air quality in Nysa, they’ve also set up air monitoring stations. In Pionki, they’ve decided to go into intelligent CCTV system to automatically detect dangers such as car accidents or street fights, as well as providing free wifi.

“The world is into smart cities and T-Mobile is one of the leaders in Smart City solutions implementation. We’re glad we can offer our experience and modern solutions in Poland,” says Artur Ostrowski, T‑Mobile Poland S.A. CCO.

The implementation of new urban tech has never been easier. The solutions offer considerable savings and can help make cities much safer and more comfortable places. Right now, the local governments can get EU funding and T-Mobile does all the project from start to finish: they deal with it from the project phase, all the way to maintenance..