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VR tech is becoming extremely popular all around the world. It gives creators unmeasured possibilities, they can explore pretty much anything they wish for. It’s not surprising that RealityBusters, a Polish software house, decided to try their best to create a new exciting game using this tech. Crane Masters is exactly what it says on the box; all you need is to put on your VR gear and become a crane operator.

RealityBusters is a Wroclaw-based startup that’s into game dev. They have experience in designing AR, Mobile and Web games; now they’ve added VR Crane Master to their portfolio, becoming one of the first Polish companies braving into this new tech.

Playing Crane Masters, you’ll be in the shoes of a crane operator. You’ll be trying your best to put a container on in its place, using a Vive controller. You will have a chance to experience what the crane operator normally does, feeling exactly as they do. To make things more exciting, you’ll have a look at the world from the 72-metre machine and everything will seem completely real.

“It’s a big fun to design games that to let people discover new and, up to now, unknown to them a (virtual) reality. We’re glad we can do it as one of the first Polish startups. We realise what potential VR has and it’s the best moment to use it,” says Kajetan Maćkowiak, RealityBusters founder.

Want to check VR Crane Master out? It is available on Steam for just €4.99.