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Want to learn something vital about online marketing? Now you’ve got a perfect opportunity to do it. Starting on September 11, you can attend Online Marketing Marathon webinars and learn from the best.

The event is organised by CallPage, a Polish startup helping you engage your website visitors by helping you get back to them immediately. After seeing how successful the previous edition of the event was, they decided to launch another one and continue providing free knowledge in marketing for everyone who is interested. All you need to do in order to attend is register online.

The webinars start from September 11 at 10:00 and will continue till September 29, every weekday. That means fifteen webinars with fifteen different specialists with hands-on experience, discussing what they know best. That means the speakers are either people who have e-marketing in their job-description or founders of successful startups who want to share some practical tips based on their experience. Don’t worry, what you’ll get is not just some textbook and irrelevant information. You can expect to get practical know-how you’ll find useful at work.

Were you wondering how to plan a successful Facebook or a YouTube campaign? Do you want to know how to do crisis control if something goes wrong on your social media? How to use popular e-marketing tools? Expand your company’s influence abroad? Wonder no more and register for CallPage’s Online Marketing Marathon now.