You might be running the most innovative business in the whole world, but the quality of your services won’t mutter much unless you can be googled. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is indispensable, it is equally time-consuming. This is where Senuto, a Poland-based SEO company, comes in. Unlike other similar tools, it provides a wide range of services, from a visibility analysis to automatically updated SEO audits to ensure maximum visibility of your website.

Senuto was launched in 2014 by a two-person team. “Senuto arose from the need to organize and automate SEO processes. Since the very beginning, we have been trying to create an application that will be able to support an SEO specialist at every stage of his work. Anyone who has conducted SEO audits knows how scattered this process is. Its centralization within a single tool not only saves time but is also a chance to improve the efficiency,” said Damian Sałkowski, the CEO of Senuto.

Sałkowski has been working with SEO since 2008; just five years later, he was awarded the title of the Polish Champion of Sites Positioning. He has cooperated with corporations such as IKEA, Microsoft, Hochland or Sage. The second founder of Senuto, Krzysztof Dębowski, is the current COO. He is simultaneously an investor, a co-founder of many MarTech startups, and a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of interactive marketing.

Senuto comprises of four complementary modules. The first one is visibility analysis. It allows every user to examine the visibility of numerous website on the basis of 20 million key phrases a week. The second module, SEO audit, is the only “living” audit on the market. It produces 11 reports about your website that are updated bi-weekly. Senuto provides the user also with a database of over 100 million keywords (the largest database in Poland) and with 33 various SEO tools that automate everyday mundane tasks. The presence of all four modules ensures that the user receives sufficient help on both the initial stage of SEO actions (audit automation) and at the final stage (visibility monitoring).

Since the launch in 2014, Senuto has closed two funding rounds. They received about 500k PLN from Knowledge Hub and a million PLN from bValue. At the current stage, they have about 250 active customers and acquire 40-50 new clients every month. They plan to enter foreign markets – Germany and the UK – by the end of the year.