If you’re an innovation enthusiast and an entrepreneur in the making, this competition might be interesting for you. SAP, a cloud company providing a platform-as-a-service, has joined forces with Techstars, a world-famous startup accelerator. Their newest project, InnovMatch, is a competition addressed to startups, entrepreneurs, developers, and students from Central and Eastern Europe. By tackling business challenges delivered by five cooperating companies, all participants get a chance to win 15 thousand euro and a special trip to Berlin.

Each of the challenges is a real-life business case that should be solved with the use of an application built on the base on the SAP Cloud Platform. Techstars will provide mentors who will support participants from nine countries (Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Czechia, Serbia, and Bulgaria) in the development of their solutions. All teams will have the opportunity to participate in technical hands-on workshops in multiple cities in the CEE region.

The first challenge, provided by the Atlantic Grupa from Croatia, deals with the digital transformation of delivery processes. As this company is active in the FMCG field, their main objective is to improve the system that informs customers about the order status.

EuroCash, the second partner of the program, needs an intuitive dashboard for all managers and board members. The dashboard should be easy-to-use, graphical and offer multiple functionalities, such as the vital KPIs, budget realization or sales projections.

The third challenge is proposed by Good AI. This company seeks for a Personal Finance Management (PFM) system that, when combined with a chatbot, will be an invisible assistant that helps all bank customers manage their money wiser and better.

Sportina, the fourth partner, in looking for an innovative in-store interaction model that will facilitate the interaction between customers and employees. The new solution should redefine the roles of both the shopping assistant and the cash desk, as well as provide personalized in-store communication via digital channels.

Last but not least, Selgros searches for an application that will address specific needs of the customers in a personalized manner. The solution should create personalized marketing campaigns by effectively using all of the data stored in the customer database.

You can also apply with an innovative solution that doesn’t address any of these challenges but can be of help for large companies. The applications are open until 5th September. International finals will take place in November.