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Bitspiration 2017

13th October 2017

Galaxy Hotel

Gęsia 22A

Kraków, Poland


About the Event

One of the most renown conferences for startups comes back in a brand new form. The organizers of Bitspiration have met a bold decision: the conference will be closed for investors. This way, participating entrepreneurs will be able to relax and focus on learning and improving their businesses instead of frantically running from meeting to meeting.

The organizing team has gathered feedback from all previous editions’ participants to make sure that the program addresses real needs of entrepreneurs, CEOs, programmers, HR experts, and marketing specialists. The whole event is constructed in a way that makes learning and conveying knowledge fast, interesting and efficient. Concentrating on acquiring new skills rather than on networking with investors guarantees a relaxed, but focused atmosphere.

The event is divided into three parallel tracks: sales and marketing, IT scaling, and HR and team management. Each of these fields is essential for a growing startup and includes strategic skills that are indispensable while building a company.

The first track, sales and marketing, will focus on creating a marketing strategy in the world of new technologies and social media. Some of the topics include the objectives of successful marketing, introducing startups to local and global markets, and cooperation with marketing agencies. One of the speakers will be Anna Iller, Branded Content Manager at Allegro Group, responsible for the Polish Legends series.

IT scaling track is devoted to both technical employees and managers of startups. The speakers will not only touch upon the possibilities and best technologies, but also upon the main problems and issues that new companies have to face.

The last track, HR and team management, will address the most pressing issues for startups at their growth stage. From finding the perfect employee to motivating the team, this track will answer the most popular questions regarding effective team management.