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Have you got a cool idea for a startup but you’re not certain it’s going to work? If you’re a young startupper with a fresh idea that’s going to revolutionise the world, ReaktorX is definitely something for you. After a successful first edition earlier this year (you can read more about it in our Graduating class of ReaktorX 2017 article), Reaktor team is launching an all-new ReaktorX and you’ve got until October 11 to apply.

This pre-acceleration programme aims to help innovators turn their dreams into reality. It’s perfect for first-time founders with innovative business ideas who lack an opportunity to verify their businesses. ReaktorX is perfect for students, developers, and people who have industry or technological expertise and want to revolutionise their field but need support in other areas. ReaktorX gives you a perfect chance to find a co-founder or new team members to make your business more worthwhile. After all, very often you might have a good idea but the lack of a properly gathered team might be a serious strain on the business’s growth.

What exactly will this programme do for you? If you’ve got a young business or a new product, you’ll get an opportunity to check if there’s a market for what you’re offering. Basically, if someone wants to pay for the services you offer, you’re on a good path to getting your startup grow. After positive verification, the participants will be able to get basic business knowledge, useful for running their own company.

ReaktorX means workshops for all the participants, as well as mentoring and individual sessions. Each team gets a mentor who’s going to guide them and track their progress. You’ll learn how to make your business more fruitful or, if necessary, you’ll find out how to redirect your venture in a better direction. In the course of the programme, you’ll be presented with networking opportunities, you’ll be able to meet with potential investors, accelerators and potential customers. Finally, at the end, there will be a demo day where you’ll present your startup to the programme partners and investors. The best will also be presented an opportunity to present themselves on the OpenReaktor and promote their business.

Want to turn your young company into something bigger? Enter ReaktorX and you won’t regret it. Don’t hesitate and apply here now, and give your idea a chance to turn into a full-fledged business.